Thursday, December 24, 2009

Listening to Tokio Hotel

Well since the last time I wrote I've gotten into a bit of trouble with the parents. Anyway they took my MP3 player for what ever reason and I have be feinding for some Tokio Hotel. So I have been getting on YouTube like every day just to listen to some of my favorite songs like Phantomrider, Screamin', and That Day. I just love those songs and the words are so beautiful.

It makes me jealous of how it seems so easy for people to be artistic. How it seems so easy for some kids to just drw something on a peice of lined paper only to find out they have had no previous art classes. Or how people can write lyrics so beautiful and so relatable just as Bill Kaulitz does. It's extremly amazing and yet I am jealous.

Well, thank God that he is able to write such amazing music for musical feinds always on the lookout for amazing musicians.



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